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 {{ :​project:​proxmark-jlink.jpg?​800 | }} {{ :​project:​proxmark-jlink.jpg?​800 | }}
 +===== SystemView for J-link - visualization of interrupts or other functions =====
 +There is an instrumentation possible with changes to code to show how your functions and interrupts behave - [[https://​wiki.segger.com/​Use_SystemView_without_RTOS | sample code]]
 +Here is an example showing "tail chaining"​ of interrupts where interrupts are behind one another, and also "late arriving",​ where Systick interrupts USB interrupt (marked as IST #93 starting at position 2195):
 +If you add extra functions, it may measure your functions as well:
 +As a side note, ST-link on STM32 discovery boards can be reflashed to JLink (works only on discovery boards, not on separate ST-links).
 +===== ARM ETM trace - recording executed instructions =====
 +ARM processors (Cortex M1+ and others) have built-in a nifty feature that you can record all instructions executed. This requires quite costly hardware (expect 2000 EUR price - JTrace, Lauterbach and uLink), but it can be handy in debugging DMA and interrupts.
 +An example ETM trace:
 ====== Flyswatter connected to Proxmark ====== ====== Flyswatter connected to Proxmark ======
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