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Arduino advanced experience
organizer: tomsuch
date/time: TBA
place: brmlab
stream: stream

Arduino advanced experience


We want to make an event where people would exchange their experience with projects based on Arduino and similar microcontroller devices, its internals, limitations and solutions of such problems.

Desired event format

  • talk by pasky (quick intro to working with data outside RAM - on EEPROM and Flash; and/or ATMega168/328 as a very low-power device)
  • talk by ruza Arduino, ethernet, DNS, DHCP
  • talk by pasky (Arduino IDE and Wiring library with $6 TI Launchpad - Energia)
  • another talk made by You? :) (add yourself here or send email to ruza)
  • short talks, few minutes to tens of minutes
    • deploy Arduino-like desky do vlastního embedded zařízení aneb brmpaw (jenda)
    • talk by tomsuch
  • discussion
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