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organizer: ruza
date/time: 31.7.2013 - 4.8.2013
place: Geestmerambacht, Netherland
stream: you mad? :)


We'll be there! Tickets presale

brmlab village, place to meet central european geekz and hackers and say them “hi, we love you” :)

Place : Geestmerambacht, Netherland Travel info


nick going by ticket project/talks note
ruza lui's car have one
nikt0 air have copy&pastovacky terminalove
Lui own car have
stick plane potbox vj
bitcoin trezor talk
someone by car has to take my projector and laptop if we want potbox vj
sysop lui's car have


We will have village tent, some beer table and folding chairs rented. Other thingz will be brought by car.


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