(brmlab)^2 birthday party

organizer: brmlab crew
date/time: 30.6.2012
place: brmlab
stream: stream

We'll celebrate second birthday of brmlab on Saturday 30.6.2012.

Přednášky i workshopy budou probíhat defaultně v češtině.


  • 13:37 - Welcome
  • Grand Brmlab Tour for early visitors (crowdsourced)
  • TALKS (SocRoom)
    • 15:00 - Arduino w/o IDE and Wiring + Arduino IDE with TI Launchpad (Energia) by pasky, recording
    • 15:30 - Proč se nebát Arduina - praktické nasazení, výhody a omezení by TomSuch, recording
    • 16:00 - TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) by specz, recording
    • 17:00 - FBI Conference, Rise of DIYBio.eu and my visit to Noisebridge, Biocurious and Langton Labs by chido, recording
    • 17:30 - Proč se nebát GAMBASu - stručný úvod do úžasného programovacího jazyku pro rapid GUI development by TomSuch, recording
    • 18:00 - Nd:YAG laser by Jenda, recording
    • 18:30 - Bottom-Up Growth: Creating Social Systems for Creative Expression, Not Metallic Efficiency by genjix [EN], recording
  • WORKSHOPS (HWroom)
    • 14:30 - Infinity Mirror by evil_fufu
    • 18:00 - Blinking Balloons and Bristlebot Bugs by stick
  • Grand Brmlab Tour for late visitors (crowdsourced)
    • StartUp by TomSuch
    • Psytrance by xChaos
    • Sofa Style (downbeat, downtempo, hiphop) by Kajco
    • Deep Penetrating Seizure Step by TomSuch and BTR aka Beater
    • Fractal Universe (ambient, dronemetal, glitch, electro) by stick
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