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organizer: czestmyr
date/time: 8.12.2010 - 12.12.2010
place: Bubenská

A Pinball workshop/collaboration in December 2010

This will be a week-long pinball table hacking session (a continuation of Pinball Hacking and São Paulo Hackerspace Introduction talk), where we will discuss the creation of DIY pinball tables and also start working on a pinball table of our own - possibly a re-creation of a table from Pinball Fantasies, so that we don't have to test our own design. Brazilian hacker Felipe Sanches is planning to visit us from dec 6th until dec 12th and help us during this week.

We need people with electronics, hardware, programming, physics, artistic and other skills. We could also use people who are able to work with various materials and build stuff out of them, but even people, who want to help with ideas or just learn something new, so whoever you are, don't hesitate to join us in our endeavor! If you want to help at any time of the week, just look at the timeline and come to Brmlab (if we are there) and join us! You can also contact czestmyr, if we're not in the hackerspace currently.

Approximate timeline

Tuesday 7th

  • 14:00 - 19:00 Investigation of Czech and especially Prague pinball culture. We will Google teh internetz for pubs and clubs with pinball machines in Prague and try to find contacts on repairmen, collectors or other pinball enthusiasts. We will also look at the machines themselves and play them :-)
  • 19:00 - 21:00 (?) Pinball Hacking and São Paulo Hackerspace Introduction plus general talk about the project itself.

Wednesday 8th

  • Possibly continuation of pinball culture investigation and workshop where we will decide about the project milestones and decide what can be done in the following days this week and what needs to be done in the long run.
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