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Mitch Altman in Prague
organizer: ruza
date/time: 14.-18.12.2012
place: brmlab
stream: stream or maybe not

Mitch Altman in Prague

Mitch Altman announced his visit in Prague and Brmlab in December 2012. Mitch is a San Francisco-based hacker, inventor, founder of SF hackerspace called Noisebridge, Cornfield Electronics and generally inspiring guy. Mitch is willing to arrange workshop or talks related to his life, soldering and living in hackerspaces all around The Globe.

Sun 16.12.2012 15:00 Soldering workshop

Learn how to solder with Mitch Altman and put together a working electronic device from scratch! (A variety of kits is available.) This is suitable even to total beginners who never held a solder iron in their hands before - soldering is fun and easy! But more skilled people will be welcome for sure as well.

Some short talk may follow later in the afternoon - any suggestions and wishes are welcome, otherwise it will be a surprise. :-)

The workshop starts at 3 PM on Sunday!

Please pre-register! Just write your nick and click twice.
This will allow us to make sure we have
enough supplies and equipment for all of you.

Other Events

Some weekend evening: A meeting over a beverage-of-your-choice with Mitch at the Cross Club? Let's chat about technology, hacking, inventing things, life and happiness…


Poster (CMYK in pdf format):

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