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Progressbar's birthday party!

Progressbar's birthday party!
organizer: Bratislava hackerspace
date/time: 2-3.3.2012
place: Progressbar, Bratislava

Bratislava hackerspace Progressbar celebrates 1st year.



Possible connections:

  • Prahaha → Partyslava
    • Friday 15:42 EC175 Jan Jesenius
  • Partyslava → Prahaha
    • Sunday 16:09 EC272 Jaroslav Hasek
id how
stick train
sargon train

The more people will travel by train, the better discount we can get … :)

Please update your OpenTTD … we can play this game in train :)

Where to sleep

2-3 persons at Sargon hacienda … in famous Vrakuna district ;)

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