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organizer: zlo
date/time: 22.7.2015 19:00
place: brmlab

Rethinking monitoring with Prometheus

Talk/presentation will be in english, together with Tincho -

Most sysadmins face a similar problem: the state of FOSS monitoring tools is still stuck in the 90s. Nagios, Munin and friends get the job done, and you might think this is enough. But once you have a taste of what you can do with a tool like Prometheus, you will never want to come back!

Prometheus is a very different system. Instead of checking good/bad states of services, or just nicely graphing values, it collects information. A lot of information! At its core, it is just a time-series database and data collector. What makes it powerful is the advanced calculations you can make on the fly with the collected data, from which you can derive nice graphs, fire alerts, or just store for future analysis.


“I really like Prometheus architecture. Pull model in a good use. I will deploy my own server soon. Thanks guys for the stream.”



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