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Brmlab Opening Party

Opening Party
organizer: brmlab
date/time: 28.11.2010 18:00
place: brmlab

We will have an opening party the night before Confidence 2.0 2010 starts in Prague.

Brmlab is the first hackerspace in Czech republic and finally have a home address. Also, we participate on organizing the Confidence conference. So we decided to join two parties into one. It's Brmlab opening party and Confidence Before party

You are welcome to join even if you are not a brmlab member. Entry is FREE (but no free drinks this time;)

When?: 28.11.2010, 18-24h maybe longer? :)

Where?: Brmlab, Bubenska 1, Praha (see instructions and map)


  • current brmlab members
  • other hackerspaces members from Poland, Slovakia
  • Confidence 2.0 2010 conference visitors, beautiful hostesses
  • other people with similar interests


  • socialization, general fun!
  • demos of cool gadgets (e.g. Kinect, Nintendo Wii)
  • chance to chat about brmlab projects, related technical topics etc.
  • twitterwall
  • music, visualizations, laser show by Tomas Suchan
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