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brmlab at Metaday

date/time: 9.12.2011
place: Metalab, Vienna

Brmlab was invited to make a large presentation on Metaday (something like our lightning_talks, but somewhat larger event with one large lecture before the quick talks). We were especially requested to present our Project Biolab efforts, but it would be great to also present many of our other projects.


Anyone from brmlab! Let's put together as big a crowd as possible! We could probably organize some car sharing and Metalabbers seem to be open to couchsurfing, so this should be reasonably low-cost.

id by ubytovani na benzin ?
sargon Own car Bratislava / Hostel :)
stick sargon's car Bratislava / Hostel :)
niekt0 sargon's car cs or what :)
pasky sargon's car couchsurfing? :)
chido sargon's car couchsurfing? :)

When and where

Metalab, Vienna. Friday of Dec 9.

If you are interested in going, please sign up


  • brmlab stamp
  • recent photos of brmlab
  • vuzix

recording: video

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