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Positive Hack Days Everywhere 2012
organizer: ruza
date/time: 31.5.2012 8-15h
place: brmlab
stream: n/a

PHDays Everywhere 2012

PHDays Everywhere initiative is an remote event similar to 28C3: No Nerd Left Behind

Since the available space at PHDays will not be enough to accommodate everyone, ther will be webcast of the event available to provide an opportunity for the Internet community to actively participate in the forum. To ensure that PHDays does not become boring sitting behind a monitor, orgas decided to introduce PHDays Everywhere.

Internet forum participants are provided with the following features:

  • Join the audience through the internet HD-broadcast (English and Russian languages).
  • Participate in discussions and ask questions of the speakers coming online.
  • Take part in the fantastic Hack Quest, to demonstrate their hacking skills and compete for prizes.

PHDays conference

Positive Hack Days is forum where information security experts and hackers discuss the topical problems of today (some reports are already determined: and show their hacking skills on-site in Moscow and remote participants join the audience, provide their reports, participate in discussions and hacking challenges online.

Following 2011 success 1,000+ visitors are expected in 2012. Half of these people are key players in the security industry in Russia and the CIS, as well as international experts on information security, and world-renowned hackers. Also invited are CIOs, CISOs and leading experts from banking, telecom, oil & gas, government and various other private and public organizations.


Positive Hack Days is an event in the international security market that combines business programs, technical workshops, master classes, roundtable discussions and CTF competitions. The PHDays forum has been set up to draw attention to hands-on security and real life contemporary threats. The following issues will be covered over the course of two days:

  • security of critical information systems
  • fraud prevention and counter-action
  • cyber-crime
  • government and corporate security in the WikiLeaks era
  • cyber-war and cyber-espionage
  • cloud and virtual infrastructure protection
  • counter-action against 0-day attacks
  • computer forensics
  • protection from DDoS
  • SCADA security
  • application and ERP security
  • network security


Among the speakers at PHDays in 2012:

  • Bruce Schneier
  • Pierre-Marc Bureau
  • Andrei Costin
  • Ulrich Fleck
  • Marcus Niemietz
  • Yury Gurkin
  • Sylvain Munaut

What is needed for PHDays Everywhere?

  • A room which will be available for visitors during the forum on May 30 and 31, possibly around the clock. After all, the Hack Quest will not for a moment stop from 10 a.m. MSK (UTC +4), May 30 to 5 p.m. MSK (UTC +4), May 31!
  • An Internet connection of at least 10 Mb/s.
  • One or more projection devices, because PHDays will be transmitted on 6 streams!
  • It is desirable to be able to connect visitors to the Internet to give them the opportunity to communicate with the community and to fight compete in Hack Quest.
  • The availability of web-camera is desirable so that not only can you join the celebration, but also the community can join you.


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