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Pinball Hacking and São Paulo Hackerspace Introduction

Pinball Hacking and São Paulo
Hackerspace Introduction
organizer: czestmyr
date/time: 7.12.2010 19:00
place: brmlab

Felipe Sanches from São Paulo hackerspace called Garoa Hacker Clube will talk about the pinball machine hacking and the hackerspace itself. The interesting thing about Garoa Hacker Clube is that it came to being almost at the same time as Brmlab. We could thus form some kind of tighter cooperation between the two hackerspaces.

The talk will be followed by workshop Pinbrm. It's main aim is to create DIY pinball table. However, the project should be viewed in much broader perspective, as it will (like other projects) bring people together, giving them a cool topic to work on and most importantly, it will be beneficial to Brmlab itself, because by working on the pinball machine, participants will create (or help create) new tools and gain knowledge that will be useful in other projects as well.

Photos from the talk:

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