organizer: ruza
date/time: 27.12.2010 - 30.12.2010
place: Berlin Congres Center
Berlin, Germany
stream: 28C3: No Nerd Left Behind


Kultur? CoolTour!

what? where? when? price?
C-base Rungestrasse 20, S+U Jannowitzbruecke anytime free
Fernsehturm Alexanderplatz 10:00-00:00 11 EUR
Topography of Terror Niederkirchnerstraße 8 10:00-20:00 free
Teufelsberg S7 Grunewald anytime(?) free(?)
Cassiopeia Revaler Strasse 99 anytime free(?)
Phenoelit party Universa hall
Gotzkowsky strasse 22
28.12. 21/22/23/00:45 free(?)
Tresor Club Köpenicker Strasse 70 00:00+ free(?)
Computer Spiele Museum Karl-Marx-Allee 93a Wed to Mony 10 am -8 pm ~8-10eur



http://events.ccc.de/2011/10/31/28c3-tickets/ 8ks payment_confirmed

“Tickets will be generated at Dec 19th. After that, they'll be available for download” https://presale.events.ccc.de


id by ticket ubytovani paid
lukash flying from UK group N/A yet paid
datka train&bus ind group paid
stick stick-car (full) group group paid
mmahut group group paid
niekt0 ind group -
abyssal group group paid
lui lent car group group paid
ruza group group paid
pborky group group paid
zufik ??? group - paid
xanthix ??? ind CCC gym -
roger ??? ind - -
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