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Understand your genome
A magnifying glass focussing on a section of a DNA strand.  Very high resolution...
organizer: ruza
date/time: 7.8.2015, 20h
place: brmlab
stream: dunno

Understand your genome

Language: Event is open to czech and english friendly speaking people. Language will be chosen according to the visitors preference.

Who should attent:

  • You have your genetic data from or similar service and want to know more about how to analyze them, about its advance use, what are the 3rd party services in which you can learn something about your gene.
  • People interested in further cooperation can be invited to collaborate on other following projects using their genomic data.
  • You have no such data and interested in topic only.

Come and share your interests, experiences and practices with various services for interpreting and networking over raw personal genomic data. What to do after you download the raw data from or other commercial system? Why and how to connect with other people over your personal SNPs, fMRI or other body data? How to you use such data it in personalized medicine, nutrigenomics, pharmacogenomics, etc? How to support citizen science and share such data (blockhain them, use licenses)? How to have fun with your personal genomic and brain data (SNPs, fMRI etc) and learn something about science? Bring your raw data, story and join us for an evening of testing and playing with SNPdata, and then at the end we will try the next “level” of personalized body data service, the new brain data networking with “Neuro Profile” If you don't have a 23andme data, you can just watch and get some inspiration for your future research. We are very interested to hear from people who tested some of the services and work with these data both as professionals and amateurs. We will try to show some basic scenario of how to work with your data after you get them from 23andme.

Speaker & Expert guarantee

Services we will discuss

Making Sense of raw SNP data

Genelogical adventures

Personal nutrigenomic and pharmacogenomics research

What to do with this knowledge? Track data of food?

Interesting case studies in nutrigenomics

Sports genetics

Discussing specific health conditions over SNPs

More services

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