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Bubenská Eins

Bubenská - DoD 2011
organizer: pasky
date/time: 18.3.2011 18-02h
place: Bubenská 1

On Friday 18.3.2011, there will be an “open doors day” in the whole Bubenska building. The goal is to show all the Bubenska residents their neighbors (the building is already almost fully rented out, and for the most part consists of art production studios, creative offices, innovative startups, etc.), and also to show visitors fun stuff.

There will be two stages for brmlab - the space itself should be open to interested visitors, with someone inside patrolling and also explaining what we are and what we do inside. But also, the aula will (aside of some music production etc.) be packed with “booths” where Bubenska residents can present themselves.

We should think of stuff to do in brmlab as well as in the aula. Surely we can think of a lot of pretty cool things!


  • Biofeedback (tomsuch, ata)
    • mikroworkshop na tema spankova laborator v amaterskych podminkach, snimani a analyza biosignalu, snimani EEG se zamerenim na moznosti vyuziti v BCI, ukazka snimani vizualne evokovane mozkove aktivity
  • Biolab (chido)
    • extrakce chlorofilu a jinych barviv z rastlin, extrakce DNA z ovoce a jine biologicke pokusy
  • Rep-rap (prusajr)
    • ukazka open-source 3D tiskarny, stroje co pretvori vase navrhy v realne veci. Behem prezentace bude jeden funkcni exemplar tisknout darky pro navstevniky.
  • Laserovy projektor (stick)
    • interaktivni demonstrace pocitacem ovladaneho podomacky sestrojeneho RGB laseru


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