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 +name=Mitch Altman in Prague|
 +stream=[[stream]] or maybe not}}
 +===== Mitch Altman in Prague =====
 +[[wp>​Mitch Altman]] announced [[https://​www.noisebridge.net/​wiki/​MitchTripEU_Nov_Dec_2012|his visit in Prague and Brmlab in December 2012]]. Mitch is a San Francisco-based hacker, inventor, founder of SF hackerspace called [[wp>​Noisebridge]],​ Cornfield Electronics and generally inspiring guy. Mitch is willing to arrange workshop or talks related to his life, soldering and living in hackerspaces all around The Globe.
 +==== Sun 16.12.2012 15:00 Soldering workshop ====
 +**Learn how to solder** with Mitch Altman and put together a working electronic device from scratch! ([[https://​www.noisebridge.net/​wiki/​MitchTripEU_Nov_Dec_2012#​Items|A variety of kits]] is available.) This is suitable even to total beginners who never held a solder iron in their hands before - soldering is fun and easy! But more skilled people will be welcome for sure as well.
 +Some short talk may follow later in the afternoon - any suggestions and wishes are welcome, otherwise it will be a surprise. :-)
 +The workshop starts at 3 PM on Sunday!
 +**Please [[http://​doodle.com/​hgfnmspxa3sb3mhb|pre-register]]!** Just write your nick and click twice.\\
 +This will allow us to make sure we have \\
 +enough supplies and equipment for all of you.
 +==== Other Events ====
 +Some weekend evening: A meeting over a beverage-of-your-choice with Mitch at the Cross Club? Let's chat about technology, hacking, inventing things, life and happiness...
 +==== Promotion ====
 +Poster (CMYK in pdf format):
 +  * {{:​event:​mitchaltmanposter.pdf|}} A3
 +  * {{:​event:​mitchaltmanposterpresahy.pdf|}} A3 with bleed (3 mm)
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