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 +name=Deep web|
 +datetime=25.11.2015,​ 20:00|
 +stream=n/a }}
 +===== Deep Web =====
 +  * Dokumentární film, USA, 2015
 +  * **audio: ENG**, **subtitles:​ ENG**
 +  * **90 min**
 +  * Režie: Alex Winter
 +  * Scénář: Alex Winter
 +  * Hudba: Pedro Bromfman
 +  * Hrají: Keanu Reeves
 +Deep Web is a 2015 documentary film chronicling events surrounding Silk Road, bitcoin and politics of the Dark Web.
 +Covering the trial of Ross Ulbricht, the documentary features interviews with Wired writer Andy Greenberg and developer Amir Taaki. Winter is best known on screen for playing Bill from the Bill & Ted film series; Deep Web features narration from his former co-star and bitcoin enthusiast Keanu Reeves. The film premiered at the 2015 South By Southwest film festival.
 +[[http://​www.csfd.cz/​film/​409329-deep-web/​komentare/​|CSFD]] | [[http://​www.imdb.com/​title/​tt3312868/​|IMDB]]
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