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 +====== CSHSCamp ======
 +We plan to organize a conference/​outdoor event in **2014** together with folks from other CzechoSlovak hackerspaces like Progressbar,​ Base48 and V01D.
 +Stay tuned for more details ...
 +===== Assorted Ideas =====
 +=== Electronic Badges ===
 +Attendees will get an electronic badge similar to ones at CCCamp/​EHMCamp.
 +{{http://​d3j5vwomefv46c.cloudfront.net/​photos/​large/​766628268.jpg?​200}} {{http://​www.civicactions.com/​sites/​civicactions.com/​files/​u1964/​rocket.jpg?​150}}
 +Each badge will have 20 LEDs. When you first turn the badge on, one random LED will be on, others off. When you approach someone with different LED on than yours and pair badges, the missing LED will be turned on on your badge.
 +=== Time/Place ===
 +Summer 2014. Most probably Moravia or Western Slovakia.
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