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 +====== Cross Hackerspace Gaming ======
 +name=Cross Hackerspace Gaming|
 +datetime=17.2.2013 19:00|
 +We decided to have a nice evening playing computer games. Also install [[http://​mumble.sourceforge.net/​|Mumble]] for the full experience! :-)
 +====== Session #1 ======
 +Took place on Sunday 17.2.2013 at 19:00 (CET) and we played [[http://​openarena.ws|OpenArena]] 0.8.8. We had people from brmlab, Progressbar (Bratislava),​ base48 (Brno), v01d (Kosice) and London Hackspace (London) hackerspaces.
 +====== Session #2 ======
 +Will be announced soon ...
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