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 +====== Chaos Communication Camp 2011 After Party ======
 +name=#​cccamp11 after party|
 +organizer=[[user:​ruza]],​ [[user:​stick]]|
 +datetime=17th August 2011, 19:00|
 +At Chaos Communication Camp 2011 we met lots of interesting people. Some
 +of them are heading home via Prague and decided to stay in Prague for
 +some days. For those who'll be here on Wednesday evening we decided to
 +organize an after party. Instructions how to get to our place are [[:​place|here]]. We are looking forward for your visit and feel free to spread the message!
 +==== Expected visitors ====
 +Jerry, DIY server, http://​youandjerrycan.tumblr.com/​
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