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 +name=Arduino advanced experience|
 +stream=[[stream]] }}
 +====== Arduino advanced experience ======
 +===== Idea =====
 +We want to make an event where people would exchange their experience with projects based on [[wp>​Arduino]] and similar [[wp>​microcontroller]] devices, its internals, limitations and solutions of such problems.
 +===== Desired event format =====
 +  * talk by [[user:​pasky]] (quick intro to working with data outside RAM - on EEPROM and Flash; and/or ATMega168/​328 as a very low-power device)
 +  * talk by [[user:​ruza]] Arduino, ethernet, DNS, DHCP
 +  * talk by [[user:​pasky]] (Arduino IDE and Wiring library with $6 TI Launchpad - Energia)
 +  * another talk made by You? :) (add yourself here or send email to [[user:​ruza]])
 +  * short talks, few minutes to tens of minutes
 +    * deploy Arduino-like desky do vlastního embedded zařízení aneb brmpaw (jenda)
 +    * talk by [[user:​tomsuch]]
 +  * discussion
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