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   * **Hall G**, irc: [[irc://​irc.hackint.eu/#​33C3-hall-G|#​33C3-hall-G]]   * **Hall G**, irc: [[irc://​irc.hackint.eu/#​33C3-hall-G|#​33C3-hall-G]]
   * **Hall 6**, irc: [[irc://​irc.hackint.eu/#​33C3-hall-6|#​33C3-hall-6]]   * **Hall 6**, irc: [[irc://​irc.hackint.eu/#​33C3-hall-6|#​33C3-hall-6]]
 +<code bash ~/​.mplayer/​config>​
 +cache = 8192
 <code bash ~/​.bashrc>​ <code bash ~/​.bashrc>​
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