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pasky's wishlist

Things I'd like done - or work on after I retire:

  • web browser (most likely chromium fork, firefox is less memory hungry but no e10s or tab unloading and other things that make it slooooow with many tabs):
    • that seamlessly blends tabs and bookmarks, as many packrats like me tend to abuse tabs as bookmarks and accumulate hundreds of them
    • working and reliable vertical tabs
    • “power saving” mode when on battery
  • ultimate maps:
    • tourist lookalike renderer for openstreetmaps
    • googlemaps-compatible API for
    • traffic level scraper for googlemaps + overlay for or osm (tos violation)
    • photo layer for googlemaps to universal overlay (tos violation)
  • linux application-level firewall with interactive gui
  • fc: a tool like mc, but single-purpose and streamlined for just choosing filename arguments for commands (e.g. mplayer playlist composition)
  • ipython is awesome, but sucks for long-running computations (either fix the issue, or create a screen-like frontend)

I also like a lot of jenda's ideas.

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