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phase.jpg name: Eremiell
phone: 602274369 (SMS)
web: several, but no hacking related right now
irc nick: Eremiell
jabber: none actively used right now


  • Programming
  • Networking
  • Databases
  • Data Processing
  • UNIX-based OSs (both licensed UNIX and UNIX-like)
  • Internet Technologies
  • Game Theory (& Gaming)
  • Cryptography (& Cryptanalysis)
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Hardware & Circuitry
  • Conferences, Workshops, Courses, Lectures, … (learning new stuff in general)
  • a lot of other related stuff…if it's anyhow computer related, I'm in (and I may be in even if not)

(The sole fact that all of these topics are of my interest does not by any means imply my expertise in any of them.)

About me:

I'm your casual geek/nerd/freak orbiting the “underground” subcultures, when not sitting somewhere with his notebook. (brmlab is actually a great place to just sit with your notebook and do whatever you want.) I'm into goth/dark electro music and I'm sometimes playing this stuff on various parties. (Some call me DJ, I don't really care.) A lot of my live revolves around computers and technology and you can't expect to share a room with me for an hour and not get involved in this kind of talk. I'm into various kinds of games from tabletop and live action RPGs, through board and card games including collectibles up to computer games from the old ones up to latest MMOs. Programming is a kind of game for me actually. I'm trying to beat the machine on it's own rules. And I'm quite successful with that. And when the result of the programming is a game as well, well, that's a perfect win. I like to learn new stuff and I like to hack it when there are no materials available. Or just to try the stuff I just learned in practice. I like challenges. And I like them even more, when they come in ascending order, each one being beatable by itself as well as training for the next one. (That said, I hate it when they come in descending order, the hardest one first, taking tons of time and energy just to get a slight idea of what's it all about and once I'm over, a lot of smaller now non-challenges waiting there to bore me into infinity.) I'm into lot of other strange stuff like Pokémon, punk and urban subgenres (cyberpunk, steampunk, urban horror, urban fantasy, …) and tons of other weird things. I organize various events from time to time and really love to process data. (Had to mention that before I'm done here…) Just feel free to say hello, if you feel like you want to know me better…

My current interests in brmlab:
  • Learning stuff
  • Hacking stuff
  • Possibly helping in organization of study/hack sessions
  • Idling on IRC and IRL
  • Propagation of brmlab and hacker/hackerspace philosophy in general whenever possible
  • Drinking as much Club Maté from brmbar as possible

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