stevko.jpg name: Stevko
email: stevko@stevko.info
phone: +420608910269
irc nick: stevko
jabber: stevko@stevko.info


Projects I am actively involved in

Projects I am interested in

Other stuff I sometimes do

  • Trying demo experiments I know from the internet.
  • Juggling (not related to Brmlab).


These are small (well known) experiments often done in school that I either tried or want to try.


  • Sugar in sulphuric acid – sugar loses water, turns black (to carbon).
  • Potassium permanganate and glycerol – self ignites, starts burning.
  • Cotton wool and superglue – this is supposed to start burning. Nothing happened. Will retry.
  • Liquid nitrogen fun.
  • Whoosh rocket – plastic bottle with alcohol vapor used as rocket – tried with acetone with mixed results.


  • A lot of stuff from http://ilovechemistry.info/pokusy/ (thermite, methanol vs. ethanol in boric acid, elephant's toothpaste, …)
  • Mentos and diet coke – old, I know.
  • Granular Maxwell's daemon
  • Homopolar motor
  • Non-newtonian fluid – it was done in brmlab before.
  • Supercooling liquids
  • Microwave plasma
  • Glowing pickle
  • Slime – polyvynilacetate (glue) or polyvynilalcohol (better, but might be more expensive and not worth) mixed with borax (and water).
  • More…
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