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Personal Analytics

Primary goal: Gather data to provide feedback (and immediate bad conscience) regarding time management - both to decrease slack permeating and diluting (or just postponing) worktime, and to allow for focused time for intense relaxation.

Comparatively low priority for now: Health/exercise/mood tracking. (Too many solutions focus on this.)

Constraints: Linux, ideally open source + no cloud. Possibly Android, but I hate using my phone.


Software Tools

    • tried out; updated wiki + pushed out fork handling charset problems properly
    • some nice plots, but ultimately nothing much useful in them
  • sleep tracking: using Sleep as Android (questionable usefulness; mine+correlate existing data?)
  • location logging: TODO collect `iwlist scan` data
  • logging workstation tty idle times: TODO write own C tool, `w` is too much pain
  • time tracking: TODO try
    • ruza says its blocking functionality is not so useful in practice
  • time tracking: TODO hamster? - tried it some time ago, problem is, manual text entry is tedious, cannot capture rapid/unexpected activity changes (brief switch to mailbox+irssi… t+5min., oops, not so brief) - needs massive automation, fluid hotkeys for recent activities AND activity reminder; also, needs to seamlessly aggregate over multiple systems (not all of them with GNOME3, too); its datastore may be suitable backend for other tools?
  • possible key for automation: (thx 2 jenda)
    • set up, sample rate 5s
    • TODO make use of the data
    • TODO go to tab level in konsole?
  • Android phone data: TODO call information, app_running+unlocked time data, alarm set + alarm silenced times
  • TODO logging all keystrokes? rather controversial ;)
    • log only histograms over 5 minute intervals or some such

Time Tracker Box

Physical device to collect work/slack info with no overhead + automated data acquisition. TODO


  • email: even a simple thing like “show only new mails by default in mutt” has helped a lot!
  • TODO email: redirect automated daily emails to a different mbox _AND_ batch it all up to a daily digest
  • TODO visualization + aggregation
  • TODO try for autoblocking?
  • TODO focus enhancement: firefox,irssi rapid theme switch based on activity + OSD countup timer for out-of-focus activity?
  • TODO focus enhancement: OSD display of current (desired) activity? small OSD focus charm?
  • TODO gamification: score counting for work activities; multipliers for properly tagged activities
  • TODO URL accumulator (mainly from IRC): to avoid breaking focus by having to click on an url immediately
  • TODO personal dashboard: current stats + outstanding items + substitution for my current `todo` text file (simple appointment planning + project status)
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