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Pasky's Home Automation

Incoherent notes.


  • Main: Alarm clock using bright white LED slowly litting up
  • Intelligent sleep maintenance (smart wakeup, keep room dim until wakeup)
  • Simple home “entertainment” (A/V, room light)


  • RPi controlled over wifi


  • Arduino (only temporary before the dust settles)


High priority

  • [DONE] ClubMat-case
  • [DONE] LED control circuit
  • [DONE] PWM control by Arduino
  • LED mounting in ClubMat-case
  • Confirm Arduino-RPi communication
  • Setup RPi wifi
  • Simple alarm clock software
  • External “ack” button


  • RPi web interface for alarm clock
  • Connect A/V to TV, mainly for music; web interface for music player
  • Connect RGB LED string
  • Connect blank tilting servos
  • Connect window open/close servos
  • Convert from Arduino to I2C peripherals (PWM: sargon's TLC59116 breakout?)
  • Convert from ATX to dedicated 5V supply


  • TV relay control
  • Accelerometer-based sleep tracking (tap into Android as first phase)
  • Voice control
  • Kinect control (stretching when waking up)
  • Portal turret casing, voice samples :-)

Missing pieces

  • Power socket controlled by TTL signal (plug'n'play boxed solution) (for TV relay control)
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