Research ideas

Here are some ideas if you don't know what to write your thesis or similar work about or just want to perform some interesting research. I wish I had time to work on them; unfortunately, I have time only for a small fraction.

  • An audio+video conferencing multiplatform application providing end-to-end encryption
  • Code injector (proxy that injects your code to executable files transferred over insecure link), some projects with similar aim: evilgrade, mitmproxy
  • How to make basic chemicals like nitrates or antibiotics in amateur conditions when an apocalypse (e.g. nuclear war) occurs; can contain own experiments
  • Cheap extraction of important ensymes and chemicals for genetic engineering (thermostable DNA-Polymerase, EcoRI, dNTPs) at home without buying them online
  • Exporting steganographic bits (least significant bits or noise) from WAVs and RAW photos as a block device. Linux nbd seems pretty simple.
  • Finish dm-steg.
  • Silicon engineering: An Open Source Trusted Platform Module
  • Portable multiplatform encryption of a flash drive. Current solutions (TrueCrypt) require admin/root access to install and setup. However, for example an encrypted WebDAV service can be run from unprivileged userspace.
  • Build a HFCC vest. Commercial implementations cost $10k. Could it be build for one tenth of that price?
  • rtl-sdr showed us that crappy SDR can cost $10. However, much better A/D converters are sold for similar price in China. Can a better SDR be build for an affordable price?
  • Write decoder and cracker for MOTOTRBO (it's 40-bit ARCFOUR), build open-source sdr-based client for GSM and Tetra. Reverse-engineer and crack Tetrapol encryption.
  • Investigate possibilities of radio transmitting using graphic card. Create a gnuradio sink for transmitting arbitrary signals.
  • Create an implementation of GNSS satellites (NAVSTAR, GALILEO, GLONASS) that runs on customer-grade FPGA and SDR. There already is a GPS one!
  • Implement some nice app-level isolation framework into Linux (like Qubes OS)
  • Fork Firefox. Fix all that NSA “features” and nasty bugs.
  • Create sdr-based implementation of TAMARA or VERA passive sensor. Is it possible to fingerprint individual transmitters like rumors about ASMKS say?
  • Implement some nice GUI for Bitcoin Contracts and Ethereum.
  • BadBIOS is a hoax. Can be a similar malware really build?
  • Implement cryptoanarchy procedures described here (Czech only, sorry)
  • Build a decentralized, censorship-resistant and surveillance-free distributed web search engine. YaCy could be a good starting point
  • A decent MITM suite for SSHv2 would be cool. Exploiting SSH agent would be even cooler.
  • OpenStreetMap + SRTM + OpenGL + Oculus Rift = ultimate map explorer.
  • Create an uncluttered and usable Mapnik theme or just finally write one working renderer for OSM without nasty bugs.
  • Create Arduino-like toolchain, documentation and examples for beginners for much faster and cheaper ARM LPC processors.
  • Create a decent Linux worm and some working kernel rootkit. Can binary portability be achieved?
  • Sonography should be a piece of cake with currently available signal processing hardware. However, such devices still cost $5k+. Fix it.
    • Even the original probe with piezo elements is cheaper than complete sonograph - an alternative electronics could be built for it.
    • speaking of which, we still don't have usable ECG and EEG
  • A $50 30MHz+ data capture card, for example on LPC4370, is a missing instrument.
  • Implement checksums and error correction to Linux md-raid.
  • navigation software that recommends you speed such that you don't have to wait on traffic lights
  • PDA/smartphone that runs standard Linux, i.e., no Android crippled system. Currently, you can pick from N900 with outdated hardware and Neo900 that costs 1k€+ and will be ready the next year, maybe.
  • End discussions “which bike is faster” with software that eats data from GPS, power meter and possibly anemometer and computes friction coefficients and air resistance from it.
  • Bitcoin demonstrated that Sybil attacks can be mitigated, at least to some extent, without a centralized authority. DDoS attacks are a growing concern on current internets. Can an inherently DDoS-safe network be built?
  • Checking manufactured chips for backdoors is really hard. Is it possible to implement a softcore CPU on reconfigurable hardware that could be trusted even if the reconfigurable blocks are backdoored?
  • There is no library for implicit B-trees, ideally with SSE/AVX manual vectorization.
  • postfwd is no longer developed, eats 300 MB RAM and is pain to configure. Create something better.

or just pick one here ;)

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