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Installing newest possible/reasonable (3.4.3) python on windows XP

Recently I needed to get running rather newer python code on old air-gapped windows PC. I did not found out any reasonable and non-outdated explanation how to do so, so I want to sum up my experience.


Newest matplotlib (that means 2.3.3 at time of the writing of the article) PyQt5 support (I've found out this condition rather tough one, but I've managed) Minimal personal intervention during the installation and setting up process


WinPython- - after this you got pretty much everything, however, the version of matplotlib was too old for my evil intentions. For that reason I needed to copy and then install these .whl packages:

and then finally

pip slightly mumbled during the update, but worked afterwards. Hope that this will be useful to someone someday or rather that nobody will need WinXP in the future.

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