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 Prepares environment variables.
 Downloads and kernel sources and compile tools.
 Compiles kernel  along with modules and installs
 these on RPI's SD card.
 Actions on the following page are performed for default
 kernel settings :
 .config file is created in case of custom settings
 via menuconfig.  


  Mount boot partition with kernel files (fat32) in /mnt/fat32
  Mount root partition with modules (ext4) in /mnt/ext4
  Paths can be changed in values BOOT_FAT32_PATH and ROOT_EXT4_PATH.
  Select for which RPI hardware version should be kernel compiled 
  by changing of value PI_VERSION.
  Set MENUCONFIG to "1" if you wish to create custom kernel settings.
  .config file will be created in case of menuconfig.
  You will be asked wehther re-write any existing .config file or not.


  If you will not mount SD card volumes then kernel cannot be obviously
  installed. It can be fixed easily by mounting volumes and starting
  this script again.
  Files may remain in mounting dirs if sd card not mounted.

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