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Equipment wishlist

List of equipment that we need and that we should have in our laboratory. List of equipment that we already have can be found at Equipment page. Parts prices are orientational, read from one of nearby shops website.

Required heavily

  • velky krizovy sroubovak (~50-100Kc), mozna i doplneni dalsich
  • vruty 4×35, mozna i nejake kratsi (~200Kc, zalezi na baleni)
  • PESy (~100-200Kc/kus, mozna uz nejake vzal pinky?)
  • pilovy list do lupenkove pily 12cm (~100Kc)
  • dlata (~200-600Kc, pravdepodobne sadu ruznych)
  • pilníky, rašple ruzne druhy a tvary (500-800Kc, doplnit, pripadne celou sadu)

Reusable equipment

Basic equipment needed in laboratory that can be reused in many projects.


  • Lock equipped storage facilities


  • LCD monitors with reasonable quality
  • Computers for general use (we have plenty ancient ones already; any Athlon64/Core2 or better would be nice)


  • Microcontroller development boards
    • One can never have too many Arduino boards
    • Moust PIC/ARM based boards, there is alway one more neede.
  • Atmel ICSP programmer (but can be emulated by Arduino finely)

Chemistry & Biology

  • Centrifuge (with precise RPM control)

Single-use equipment

Components and other resources that are cheap enough so they can be buyed by hackerspace and available (organized in nice boxes/shelfs) free of charge for all hackerspace members in reasonable amount preferably for their projects. We should always have some reserves of those parts because they can be used in many of our planned projects.


  • Connectors
    • 9V battery conectors (can be collected from old 9V batteries)

Chemistry & Biology

  • Solvents (Ethanol, Methanol, Isopropanol, acetone, toluene) in nontrivial quantity
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