Tools labeling

EN: There are some tools in the space that cannot be operated safely without proper training or have some rules to use defined. Meaning of the color labels is described below. The fact that the tool has no label does not mean it does not fall into any of the following categories.
CZ: Nektere vybaveni v hackerspace vyzaduje odpovidajici zaskoleni nebo ma stanovena nejaka pravidla pro uzivani. Barevne znaceni a jeho vyznam je vysvetlen nize. Fakt ze vybaveni na sobe nema zadne takove oznaceni nutne neznamena ze nemuze do nekterych z techto kategorii spadat.



red_40.jpg EN: Tool marked with such label should be used with proper training ONLY.
CZ: Takto oznacene vybaveni by melo byt pouzivano pouze osobami nalezite poucenymi, tj se znalostmi umoznujici bezpecne, spravne a efektivni uziti.


EN:There are some rules you should follow while using such tool. Check brmlab wiki for reading rules established.
CZ: Takto oznacene vybaveni ma pravdepodobne stanovena nejaka pravidla, ktere bys mel dodrzet. Podivej se na brmlabi wiki pro vice informaci.

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