Template for newmember page

Dokuwiki user @@username@@ (@@Jmeno@@ @@Prijmeni@@) wants be a member of brmlab hackerspace!
e-mail: @@E-Mail@@
born: @@Year of birth@@
GSM: @@GSM (9-12 numbers)@@
GPG (optional): @@GPG@@
UserPage: https://brmlab.cz/user/@@username@@
add following to /var/webapps/brmburo/brmburo/fixtures/buddy.yaml 
- fields:
    attachments: []
    born: @@Year of birth@@
    comment: null
    email: @@E-Mail@@
    first_name: @@Jmeno@@
    irl: true
    logic_account: 68
    middle_name: ''
    nickname: @@username@@
    phone: @@GSM (9-12 numbers)@@
    surname: "@@Prijmeni@@"
    type: 1
    uid: CHANGE.THIS
    user: null
  model: brmburo.buddy
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