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 +====== Brmversity: Entrepreneurship ​ ======
 +name=Brmversity:​ Enterpreneurship|
 +stream=no stream}}
 +===== Introduction ​ =====
 +We decided to get inspired and learn from successful entrepreneurs. The ultimate goal is to undertake a voyage and to achieve Elysium. This event set is part of [[project:​brmversity:​start]] courses. ​
 +See [(cite:​blank2012how)],​ [(cite:​blank2005four)],​ [(cite:​srinivasan2013engineering)],​ [(cite:​lucas2013surviving)] ​ for study materials.
 +===== Prerequisities =====
 +===== References =====
 +If you going to edit this section, see [[:​refnotes:​start]] for more information.
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