Our current location is Bubenska 1. Large building near the subway station Vltavska, just on the other side of the highway. You should use the entrance from the highway side! (Big ORCO logos everywhere.) At the gate, say you are going to Brmlab, and follow the arrows.

In case of trouble, try calling +420 608 801 582 (gsm phone in brmlab) or +420 910114321 or sip:910114321@sip.odorik.cz (free from any sip client). After 30 seconds without reply also Biolab phone starts ringing. Direct number to Biolab is 910116384 (again odorik).

You can get to Bubenska 1 by subway (Vltavska, line C) or tram (Vltavska or Strossmayerovo namesti). See map and street view below for more info.

Our space is open whenever some member is inside. In general, you'll have hard luck finding anyone there during the day, but most of the evenings, it is occupied. If you want to visit us, the best time is Tuesday evening or whenever some event is scheduled. Curious about what you can see in brmlab?

The building was built in the thirties of the twentieth century by Elektricke podniky Hl. m. Prahy (former Prague's city traffic company) and now is a residency of many art agencies and similar occupations.




  • 50.0984386N, 14.4359233E
  • 50°5'54.379“N, 14°26'9.324”E
  • N 50°5.90632', E 14°26.15540'
  • HAM Locator (MaidenHead): JO70FC


Street View

Inside Bubenska building


Entrance HowTo

  1. Use main entrance and say hello at reception desk. Tell them you are going to Brmlab. They may ask you for name and ID (I think they usually don't).
  2. Go through main hall and turn left at the end (in front of staircase. You should see paternoster on your right.
  3. At the end of corridor there should be Brmlab sign with arrow to right. Go right and go twice through glass door. You will get outside. Go diagonally through the yard. Brmlab is behind large glass windows.
  4. Use door that is in the corner of yard. Go down those few stairs and you are in front of Brmlab. If door is open, enter. If it is not, use the doorbell (yellow button on the door).
  1. hlavním vchodem přes vrátnici, kde slušně zdravíme
  2. projdeme hlavní halu na jejím konci před schodištěm zahýbáme do chodby vlevo. Vpravo míjíme pater noster
  3. na konci chodby dvakrát skleněnými dveřmi napravo ven z budovy. Úhlopříčně přejdeme dvůr.
  4. dveřmi v rohu dvora zpět do budovy (jsou-li zamčené, backtrack k vrátnému), čtyři kroky vpravo. Brm!

Jsi-li člen, dostaneš se dovnitř RFID kartou. Nejsi-li člen, musíš počkat, až uvnitř někdo bude. 100% šanci máš v úterý večer, jiné večery cca 75% (o prázdninách méně), dopoledne leda když ještě někdo nestihl jít spát…

Public transport

metro/tube/underground/subway to station Vltavská at line C (red one)

bus or tram to station Strossmayerovo náměstí or Vltavská


(c.f. http://www.bubenska.cz/parkovani.html)

Traffic (cams)

It is theoretically possible to park directly in front of brmlab too, but only if you are carrying something big in/out of brmlab - always arrange that with us in advance. You need to enter through the south gate: when going by the Bubenska street to the south, turn right immediately after passing the Orco building, then turn right immediately again to a small side road. Use intercom and wait a minute, the gate must be opened manually by a janitor.

Bicycle route


on the surface

You can lock your bike inside right in front of brmlab.

There is also Velonet bike sharing hub at metro Vltavska.

Sneak peek

Some photos to show you how the interior looks like …

There is a comprehensive "tour" gallery taken in September 2014. You can also watch 15 minutes brmlab introduction (currently in Czech only).

More photos are available here.

Bubenská, survival guide

  • bankomaty/ATMs:
    • na Strossmayeráku - Česká spořitelna, Volksbank (CSOB vyber zdarma)
    • za rohem u tram v Dukelských hrdinů - Komerční banka, Unicredit, GE

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