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 {{template>​infobox| {{template>​infobox|
 name=Brmlab In Shift party| name=Brmlab In Shift party|
 organizer=[[user:​muaddib]]| organizer=[[user:​muaddib]]|
 datetime=5.10.2018 19:00| datetime=5.10.2018 19:00|
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 stream=nopesik}} stream=nopesik}}
-Pozor, zmena terminu na 5.10.2018+Pri prilezitosti znovuotevreni Brmlabu v [[https://​brmlab.cz/​place|novych prostorech]] si vsechny dovolujeme pozvat na uvodni shift_in party.
-XXX flyer.png+(We would like to invite you to the Brmlab re-opening (shift_in) party, at our new [[https://​brmlab.cz/​place|location]])
-Party: +  * Party: 
-  * Malanius (Live DJ performance) +    * Malanius (Live DJ performance) 
-  +    blackhead? ("​oldies"?​) 
 +    * trimen (?)
-Gril@Terasa:​+  * Gril@Terasa:​
-Tschunk (roommate:​) +  * Tschunk (roommate:​) 
-  * Mate bude dost+    * Mate bude dost
-XXX+  * Retro gaming - (mr. holub) 
 +  * Hratky s tekutym dusikem (mrkva) 
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