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 +====== Projects ======
 +Here are various projects we are hacking on, have already done, or (further down the list) just occurred to us.
 +Check out also the list of stuff [[:​showcase|you can try out in brmlab yourself]].
 +If you **need something special** for your project and you think that hackerspace would not mind to buy it or some of our members can find it at home, you can let us know on [[equipment:​wishlist]] (and/or IRC and mailing list) - just make sure that we do not already have it (check [[equipment:​start]] page).
 +You are very much invited to **ask around** to gather support, interested people, ideas and advice for your projects, and we're looking forward to hearing about your progress, or seeing it by our own eyes in the hackerspace or at least on some meetup. :-)
 +Want to **create a project**? If it's only a random idea right now, just add it to the list at the bottom. If you have more to say and show, you will want to create a page for it - just go to the URL bar and substitute ''​project/​start''​ with ''​project/<​id>''​ (just think something up). The easiest way to add content is to copy-paste wiki code from some other project page and just change all the text. :-) You need to add it manually to the list here then - just cut, paste 'n modify again.
 +If you want to **officially start** your project (i.e. you have thought about it enough already and want to finally get hacking), just change its status in the wiki and move it around at this page. Please note that all projects that are "in progress"​ should have some indication of progress status and at least very preliminary plans of how the work should progress further - just look at some existing ones.
 +Please add as much detail to your project as possible. The reader should clearly understand what's the project about, why is it cool, what should be the end result and ideally be able to fully reproduce it based on the wiki page - we believe in **open hardware** and documenting and sharing our work!
 +~~DIRPICTURES sortByDate sortDesc~~
 +===== Your project not listed above? =====
 +Note: The list of projects You see above is automagically generated by slightly customized [[https://​www.dokuwiki.org/​plugin:​dirpictures|dirpictures]] dokuwiki plugin. In order to have your project listed on this list, there is no need to edit this site. Just adhere to the following rules:
 +  * your project has a main page called "​start"​ in its own namespace (like https://​brmlab.cz/​project/​hack_the_planet/​start)
 +  * project page mentioned above contains something similar to the following code (without space between tildas):
 +   <​code>​
 +   ~ ~META:
 +   ​status = active
 +   &​relation firstimage = :​project:​hack_the_planet_icon.jpg
 +   ~ ~
 +   </​code>​
 +If you create a new project page the template already includes code prefilled. Just modify code offered to suit your needs.
 +===== Sub-Ideas (2-30 words long ideas) =====
 +  * [[http://​www.longecity.org/​forum/​topic/​54575-commercially-available-yogurt-more-than-doubles-mouse-lifespan/​page__fromsearch__1 | LKM512 bacteria]] make the LKM512 bacteria published as doubling mouse lifespan make GFP with a GFP kit so you can see if its still there at human at the mouse dose
 +  * laser etched advertising on potato chips that cause the potato chips to be complimentary to all solving hunger! ;)
 +  * CD Throwing Grand-Prize (@Letenská pláň)
 +  * Pixel art workshops
 +  * Sounding rocket
 +  * Low earth orbit rocket carrier
 +  * D<​sub>​2</​sub>​O extraction facility
 +  * D<​sub>​2</​sub>​O utilization project(s)
 +  * PET melting and mold injection aparatus
 +  * Sopwith Camel 1:1
 +  * More representative webpage or at least doku-wiki template
 +  * High voltage, high power DC generator
 +  * High voltage, high capacity, fast switching capacitor bank
 +  * Differential GPS - calculate precise angle and distance of 2 GPS units.
 +  * [[https://​www.noisebridge.net/​wiki/​Sensebridge|Human Sensory Augmentation]] - e.g. magnetic sense (we are already researching [[project:​brmpaw:​start|sense of direction]])
 +  * {{monotron_schematic.pdf}}
 +  * {{Sonic_Devastator.pdf}}
 +  * DIY [[http://​circuitdiagram.net/​theremin-music-instrument.html|Theremin]] music instrument
 +    * [[http://​www.gaudi.ch/​OpenTheremin/​index.php?​option=com_content&​view=article&​id=50&​Itemid=54|Open.Theremin]]
 +    * **DONE:** built by Stevko (Jul 2012)
 +  * DIY electron microscope ​ http://​hackaday.com/​2011/​03/​23/​diy-scanning-electron-microscope/​
 +  * DIY capacitor power bank http://​hackaday.com/​2011/​04/​15/​variable-super-capacitor-battery-provides-power-on-the-go/​
 +    * DIY supercapacitors
 +      * Graphen: http://​hackaday.com/​2012/​03/​20/​print-your-own-supercaps/​
 +      * Burned bread: http://​www.overunity.com/​8360/​selfmade-homemade-diy-supercap-ultracap-bcap-boostcap/​
 +  * using ChromeBook-like technologies security implications
 +  * [[https://​secure.wikimedia.org/​wikipedia/​en/​wiki/​Confocal_microscopy|Confocal_microscopy]]
 +  * [[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Throat_microphone|throat microphone]]
 +  * [[http://​www.guardian.co.uk/​science/​2004/​mar/​23/​sciencenews.crime|Real-time calculation of a roulette ball orbit]]
 +  * Is it possible to "​steal"​ electricity by induction under high-voltage electric lines?
 +    * Yes (it's quite easy). checked out by lexik, also, we can try it on brmvýlet #2. 
 +  * Long-term [[http://​rayer.ic.cz/​elektro/​mainscnt.htm|frequency measuring]] and fancy graphs generation. [[user:​jenda]] will try to hack GPIO on his new openWRT router.
 +  * [[http://​opensourceecology.org/​gvcs.php|Global Village Construction Set]]
 +  * brmChilli - grow something hot! A product can be used to make Ramen even hotter! Or maybe separate pure capsaicin and make DIY pepper spray? [[user:​mrkva]] has already some plants.
 +  * high-temperature superconductivity
 +  * simple lightning detector http://​www.techlib.com/​electronics/​lightningnew.htm
 +  * brm900 - everything N900, Neo900 & Maemo related. HW mods (solar panel, inductive charging, 3D printed case, IBM Model M kb), SW stuff (AR, pentesting),​ whatever.
 +  * astrobrm - everything astronomy (not astrology, sorry) related. visual meteors observation (ask lexik), improve our constellation knowledge (do you know where delfínek on night sky is?), radioastronomy(?​),​ sunspots observation and so on. Should be fun.
 +  * DNA hacking (BrmDNA?) - extract human body source-code (aka DNA) of interested members using 23andme.com or similar service, upload to github (or similar service), fork, merge, report issues and create brmhuman.
 +    * https://​github.com/​msporny/​dna
 +    * http://​www.snpedia.com/​index.php/​SNPedia (CLI for this, that would be awesome)
 +  * talks on Operating systems internals - Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, etc
 +  * talks on cryptography,​ security mechanisms (authentication,​ hashing, ..)
 +  * workshops - scapy, wireshark, ettercap, mitm proxy, ZAP proxy, sqlmap
 +  * courses - python
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