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-====== Marx generator ====== 
-name=March generator| 
-===== Goal of the project ===== 
-Goal of this project is to build a small Marx generator. Marx generators are pulsed voltage multipliers,​ that can be used to experiment and play with voltage levels that are difficult to reach by other means. High voltage pulsed discharge also usually generates smaller EM pulse - another thing to experiment with. Marx generators can be also used as a power supply for plasma (and fusion) experiments! 
-===== Status/TODO list ===== 
-  * find a safe place to operate this thing - due to EM interferences generated, typical hackerspace overfilled with RFi sensitive equipment is not an ideal place for a thing like this. It will be necessary to operate generator in distant or shielded area. - FIXME 
-  * good high voltage power supply (~20kV DC, with decent current rating), maybe neon sign transformer?​ - FIXME 
-  * high voltage charging resistors or inductors - FIXME 
-  * high voltage capacitors - WIP, Mrkva 
-  * HV-resistant frame (wood is probably not a good idea) - FIXME 
-  * adjustable spark gaps - FIXME 
-===== References ===== 
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