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-====== Marx generator ====== 
-name=March generator| 
-===== Goal of the project ===== 
-Goal of this project is to build a small Marx generator. Marx generators are pulsed voltage multipliers, that can be used to experiment and play with voltage levels that are difficult to reach by other means. High voltage pulsed discharge also usually generates smaller EM pulse - another thing to experiment with. Marx generators can be also used as a power supply for plasma (and fusion) experiments! 
-===== Status/TODO list ===== 
-  * find a safe place to operate this thing - due to EM interferences generated, typical hackerspace overfilled with RFi sensitive equipment is not an ideal place for a thing like this. It will be necessary to operate generator in distant or shielded area. - FIXME 
-  * good high voltage power supply (~20kV DC, with decent current rating), maybe neon sign transformer? - FIXME 
-  * high voltage charging resistors or inductors - FIXME 
-  * high voltage capacitors - WIP, Mrkva 
-  * HV-resistant frame (wood is probably not a good idea) - FIXME 
-  * adjustable spark gaps - FIXME 
-===== References ===== 
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