Equipment wishlist

List of equipment that we need and that we should have in our laboratory. List of equipment that we already have can be found at Equipment page. All part prices are from shop.

Reusable equipment

Basic equipment needed in laboratory that can be reused in many projects.


  • Large stand drill
  • Lock equipped storage facilities
  • classic workshop tools & accessories for woodworking, metalworking, etc.


  • LCD monitors and public computers (we have plenty ancient ones already; some reasonably powerful ones (any Athlon64/Core2 plus) - would be nice)
  • Some AGP/PCI-e/.. graphic cards with good performance for use in our shared computers
  • Functional power supply units (ATX or various adapters)


  • Signal generator
  • Logical probes
  • Microcontroller development boards
    • One can never have too many Arduino boards
    • BUT we also have some non-Arduino hack-available PIC/ARM/… development boards. (DIY PICMAN is MUCH simpler than arduino and have full USB support.)
  • Atmel ICSP programmer (but can be emulated by Arduino finely)
  • USB↔Parallel port (is there actually anything that functions properly?)

Chemistry & Biology

  • Laboratory glass
  • Centrifuge (with precise RPM control)
  • Distillation apparatus

Single-use equipment

Components and other resources that are cheap enough so they can be buyed by hackerspace and available (organized in nice boxes/shelfs) free of charge for all hackerspace members in reasonable amount preferably for their projects. We should always have some reserves of those parts because they can be used in many of our planned projects.


  • Integrated circuits & Microcontrolers (most usefull ICs - cheap, small (DIP-8), well documented and tested)
    • DIP-8 Sockets (5kč)
    • LM386 (11kč, 0.5W power amplifier, very universal - can handle audio as well as many other purposes)
  • Connectors
    • 9V battery conectors (can be collected from old 9V batteries)
    • USB males+females
      • miniUSB
    • blank CD/DVDs

Chemistry & Biology

  • Alcohol - pure ethanol or isopropylalcohol in nontrivial quantity
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