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 ====== Equipment ====== ====== Equipment ======
-Equipment we already have for hackerspace purposes. (See also: [[equipment:​wishlist]]) +  * [[equipment:labels]] 
-Currently, it's just a spreadsheet and items are numbered manually, we are also working on a proper ​[[project:u.help|equipment ​tracking system]].+  * [[equipment:​evidence|Inventory of existing equipment]] 
 +  * [[equipment:​wishlist]] 
 +  ​* ​[[equipment:hackables]] 
 +  * [[equipment:lamerspace]]
 +===== Our Equipment =====
-Vsetky predmety (hardwarekrabice, etc) v sklade maju +There is listed only moust important equipmentwe possess ​lot of other tools.
-niekde na sebe nalepeny carovy kod s evidencnym cislom **(brm1 - brm200)** +
-pridelenu policu na ktorej ich najdete **(SKLAD1-SKLAD20)**.+
-Aby sklad sluzil vsetkymje dolezite do nej **veci vracat na spravne +| {{:​equipment:​prod_disp_3.jpg?​100|}} | Blade RF | SDR based radio transciever | 
-police.** Ak chcete pridavat nove veci do skladupoctivo ich pripisujte! Stitky na oznacenie evidencnym cislom su v sklade.+| {{:​equipment:​elfo.jpg?​100|}} | Electrophoresis | Separate fragments of DNA | 
 +| {{ :​project:​ir-pajka:​i862-rozborka1_20140517_063203.jpg?​100 |}} | IR soldering station | For soldering BGA and other microchips | 
 +| {{:​equipment:​makroskop.jpg?​100|}} | Neophot 32 - professional microscope | magnification:​ 32-2000dark field, polarization filters, attached cammera, can hold samples up to 5 kg | 
 +| {{:​equipment:​nortel-450-front.jpg?​100|}} | [[equipment:​nortel-baystack-450-24t-switch]] | 
 +|   | [[equipment:​pcb-uv]] | 
 +| {{:​equipment:​pcr.jpg?​100|}} | Open PCR | replicate DNA by your own | 
 +| {{:​equipment:​osciloscope.jpg?​100|}} | [[equipment:​osciloscope]] | 
 +|   | Laboratorní váha torzní | přesnost 0.1 mgmaxzátěž 50 mg |
-Pokud si berete neco ze skladu, zkontrolujte prosim v tabulce, zda to neni **neci** a prip. jake jsou podminky toho, ze si to vezmete/​pouzijete (typicky nejsou bud zadne, nebo o tom chce dotycny jen vedet). 
-Neni problem prubezne upresnovat podminky zapujceni veci, ktere se ted jen tak vali v brmlabu, kdyz se k nim nekdo prihlasi, takze **naskladnujte s odvahou!** 
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