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Prescriptions for production drinks

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Overview for making the “probiotic beverage”

  • 8 l brew volume (culture volume = Vc; Vc=8 l)
  • 16x 500 ml bottles of probiotic lactic drink will be harvested
  • primary fermentation will take up to 7-10 days (room temperature 20-30°C)
  • secondary fermentation will take 2 - 3 days (room temperature 20-30°C)
  • 1 week aging at cold - in the refrigerator
  • 10 days total for the drink, 14 days with basic aging

Prodction Process

For 8 litres brew of probiotic drink is needed :

  • 7% (w/v; 560 g) of sugar (either light brown or dark brown sugar cane sugar or beet root sugar)
  • 1% (v/v; 80 ml) of milk kefir culture - respectively strained liquid called kefir whey
  • water to fill up the brew till final/culture volume = 8 l


  • dissolve 560 g of sugar in hot water in a bowl
  • add extra water to dilute it and cool down so it is not too hot - could break fermentation vessel if it is glass
  • transfer to the fermentation vessel and add water too nearly 8 litres
  • add 80 ml of milk kefir whey, mix a bit if you like
  • close the vessel (gas needs to be able to escape) but it is anaerobic fermentation
  • let to ferment for 4-7 days at temperature ranging from 20 - 30°C, this is called primary fermentation phase
  • when the brew taste fermented or after 7 days decide on the flavour
  • add the flavour and transfer the infused brew to the bottles
  • close the bottles tightly and let them ferment at room temperature for 2-3 days, that is secondary fermentation phase
  • transfer the bottles to the fridge and let them age for at least few days or week so the flavours have time to combine and mature
  • enjoy!

Ginger Beer beverage

  • 2-4% (w/v) of shredded ginger (200-400 g for 10 l batch; 3%(w/v; 246 g for 8 l batch)


  • taste the brew before adding ginger infusion deciding if it is sweet enough or if more sugar should be added (later on)
  • separatly prepare a pot, add around 600 ml water and shredded ginger to it and bring to boil
  • let to simmer for 5 minutes or so, leaving it cool down later on
  • strain the ginger through a sieve, straining cloth or brewing bag, now add sugar if you think the brew is not sweet enough, mix it and add all the liquid to the fermented brew, mix well
  • taste the brew and if it pleases your tong start to bottle, leaving around 10% of the bottle free for safe carbonation
  • make the bottles tops tight so the carbon dioxide doesn't escape
  • let to ferment at room temperature for another 1-3 days making the drinks nice and fizzy, secondary fermentation
  • transfer the brews to the fridge and let them age for week or so for optimal flavour
  • enjoy!

===Drinks Documentation===

Release Ginger

  • 8.5L - 9L WKSB
  • 0.08L water kefir culture
  • 500 - 600grams sugar
  • 350ml ginger 100% ~ 500 grams fresh ginger
  • 500ml apple 100% ~ 1kg - 1.2kg fresh apple
  • little lemon extract.

Release Pear

  • 8.5L - 9L WKSB
  • 0.08L water kefir culture
  • 500 - 600grams sugar
  • 5x fresh pear
  • 300ml pear 100% ~ 5x fresh pear.
  • 500ml apple 100% ~ 1kg - 1.2kg fresh apple
  • little lemon extract.

--- OLD VERSION Ginger---

8.5L - 9L WKSB

350ml ginger 100% extract

150ml appel 70% + carot 30%

--- OLD VERSION Apple---


500ml apple 70% + carot 30%

100ml core apple and carot

--- OLD VERSION Pear---


1L - 5x pear

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