[Tetrapol-kit] Add a "tetrapol_dump" option

kévin B kevin.va89 at hotmail.fr
Fri May 27 14:30:43 CEST 2016


I'd like to know if it would be possible to add an option for tetrapol_dump. 

Currently it has : 

Usage: ./tetrapol_dump [OPTIONS ...]
    -i <PATH>               input file with demodulated bits
    -b { UHF | VHF }        radio band (default is UHF
    -t { CCH | TCH }        select betwen control and traffic channel
    -d { DOWN | UP }        direction, downlink/direct or uplink

Would it possible to add an option to sort between "DATA" "VOICE"....

It would be like that : -x {DATA | VOICE | ALL} ...
It would allow to sort the output. 

Thank you for your work ! 

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