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user name: Jakub Friedl
irc nick: kyknos

Interests and possible projects (incomplete list):

  • Synthetic biology / genetic engineering: postponed until hell freezes over, not possible under current CZ/EU law
  • Analytical molecular biology: getting data from DNA (fingerprinting, sequencing); main obstacle: €€€ for consumables (enzymes…)
  • Evolutionary biology: molecular phylogenetics, computer modeling
  • Weakly electric fish: electrolocation and electrocommunication analysis; main obstacle: space
  • Robotic submarine: for underwater photography, sample collection etc.
  • Robotic Artemia hatcher/feeder system: possibly with a distribution system able to serve several tanks
  • Parosphromenus breeding: saving blackwater nanofish; main obstacle: space
  • Optical microscopy: incl. proper staining and lighting techniques (microbiology, histology)
  • Multispectral macrophotography: searching for UV patterns used in communication; main obstacle: €€€€€
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