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founder: brmlab collective
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interested: pasky
software license:
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status: active

Brmbar is our tiny drinks, snacks, electronics, t-shirts stash. Anyone can put things into brmbar or buy stuff; visitors for cash, members can use a simple credit system.

Status: brmbar-v3.0 is up and running, implemented in Python (with cleanly separated backend classes), Qt-Declarative and PostgreSQL. Some TODO items remain, but it should be usable for day-to-day operation.

Documentation: README - USAGE (in Czech)

Development: Sources @ github - SQL schema - Architecture and object model

02:19 < pasky> excess je suma prostredku,
               ktere mame navic (prijemne prekvapeni)
02:19 < pasky> deficit je suma prostredku,
               ktere nam chybi (neprijemne prekvapeni)


ssh -At nat.brmlab.cz -L5900:brmbar.brm:5900 ssh brmlab@brmbar.brm x11vnc

Wishlist, bugs, feature requests, User eXperience

  • [Stock Mgmt] moznost vyhledavani podle stringu. umozni mi se rozhodnout zda zbozi uz v ceniku je nebo jej musim zadat jako nove zbozi.


crontab -l 
00 3 * * *      /home/zalohovac/zalohuj_brmbar.sh
ssh -t -t brmbar.brm -l brmlab 'su - postgres -c pg_dumpall' > ${BACKUP_DIR}brmbar-`date +%F-%T`.sql
ls -l ${BACKUP_DIR}


Short version history:

  • v0.0 was a large wall-piece of paper with prices and piece of paper with credit tracking
  • v1.0 was DOS-based tablet (by czestmyr)
  • v2.0 was an attempt on a LPC revamp (by sargon + stick) that was not finished
  • v3.0 is pasky's Python/Qt/PostgreSQL brmbar implementation with proper accounting

v1.0 → v3.0 transition ultimately happenned on 2012-10-16.

Draft database schema and process classification (inspiration, but implemented with modifications):



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