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The aim of this project is to construct 3D LED Cube.

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First thoughts

by blackhead

The first thought is about to be: How big is enough? And how about price? One LED cost 0,5-20 Kc from simple one color LED to RGB. There are some trade-offs when purchased in larger amounts…

  • 8x8x8 = 512 LEDs ⇒ 250-10k Kc
  • 16x16x16 = 4096 LEDs ⇒ 2k-80k Kc
  • 32x32x32 = 32768 LEDs ⇒ 16k-? Kc

I already built one (see references), and I like to participate just to help others to build one. ;-)


Why we should build it?

List of things what we can do with cube:

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