[Poptavka] Official letter of inquiry (Business offer)

Michal Sporek michal.sporek at wispgroup.pl
Thu May 22 09:45:44 CEST 2014

To Whom It May Concern At Brmlab, 


My name is Michal Sporek. I am a co-founder of international, cost-effective
outsourcing company WISP Group. I am representing the company on the Czech


WISP Group offers outsourcing of software development with an excellent
quality and competitive prices. With the outsourcing that we have
successfully done on the European market so far, our qualified team
possesses strong experience in delivering IT solutions: websites (PHP,
Joomla, Wordpress, etc.), web applications (Java EE, ASP .NET), mobile
applications (Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows 8), desktop
applications (Java, C# .NET, C/C++, real time applications, and others),
system services, web services, database programming and SEO services for
websites. A full list of our skills including references from our existing
customers can be found at our web pages: 






We already have a number of satisfied customers from a few European
countries including: The United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Austria,
Switzerland, Croatia and Poland (references are available if you wish to see
them). We deliver a wide range of software for them and we have a very
successful track record. Currently we are looking for expanding our
activities and establishing a cooperation with Czech companies. 


I would like to ask you, if Brmlab would be eager to establish a cooperation
with us. 


We are experienced with remote communication with our customers to ensure
that the offshore software development process goes smoothly within time and
budget. Our software development center is located in Gliwice, Poland -
which allows us to offer really competitive prices for software development
services. Our office in Gliwice is located 55 kilometres from the
Polish-Czech border which makes it possible for convenient travelling to
your offices. What makes us really special is involvement of PhD students in
our team - which allows us to take up any advanced development and research
challenges, as well as specialists holding certificates: developers,
software architects and project managers - who bring in their broad
experience onboard.


If you are potentially interested I would like to meet you face to face in
your office to talk about possibilities of cooperation. As a representative
of WISP Group on the Czech market, I am available for any kind of meeting in
The Czech Republic including specification of requirements, design,
trouble-shooting and support. 


Please let me know if you are interested about the outsourcing that WISP
Group provides. 


Alternatively please forward this message to the person in Brmlab who might
be concerned. 


With kindest regards 

Michal Sporek 

e-mail: michal.sporek at wispgroup.pl 

tel: +48 889 526 528 

www: www.wispgroup.com 

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