[Poptavka] Reverse engineering notebookoveho HW

Petr Baudis pasky at ucw.cz
Mon Nov 18 15:39:27 CET 2013


  Prisel se mnou do kontaktu fanousek free software, ktery by si rad
nechal zreverzoval firmware u nekolika komponent sveho Thinkpadu. Je to
celkem popularni hw, tak mne napadlo, ze by to nekoho mohlo zajimat.
Mini za praci zaplatit, ale nevim, kolik.


----- Forwarded message from "andvas na gmx.co.uk" <andvas na gmx.co.uk> -----
Hi Petr !

I'm Andreas, an active participant of the free software movement. (->

I came across your website while doing a research for people capable
of assisting me to accomplish some specific goals.

All the work is part of the free software movement and shall be
released under GPL to the public.

For my computer, I use the ThinkPad x60s, of which the vast majority
of components operates with free (GPL) firmware, except the EC, the
hard drive and the VGA rom that is in beta stage.

The work; free it entirely, reverse engineer and release the material
to the public, in  order for all people to enjoy free computing.

Please look into the subject and get back to me as soon as possible,
as this is a high priority task.

Thank you !

----- End forwarded message -----

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