[Poptavka] web development + woodworking

Petr Lamac petr.lamac at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 08:10:39 UTC 2012

Hi everyone at brmlab!

I am thinking of joining the lab with 2 main interests:

1. for my social entrepreneurship project vsezaodvoz.cz (freecycling in
Czech and Slovak Republics) I am looking for a web-developer to do a major
update of the site functionality etc. (it's in PHP). I am not a developer
myself so had to use Joomla modules & plugins to get started but now would
like to either build on top of it or re-do the site from scratch. I have
clear ideas & visions for this project and will also appreciate contacts
outside of brmlab (can of course reward them).

2. woodworking / carpentry - I would love to start working with wood (love
the smell) but have absolutely no experience / tools. Is it possible to get
some training & tools in brmlab? That would be great.

Many thanks and sorry for a long message.


Petr Lamač
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