[Poptavka] emails for your ad campaigns

Dallas J Archer cain at maxemail.info
Wed Aug 1 18:37:35 UTC 2012

Ideal permission based lists for email ad campaigns. The data is double optin and completely verified.

US based data

Healthca-re Related

- Nurs,es: 135,000 Emails including personal resumes
- Chiropr.actors: 15,000 Emails with full contact data
- Veterinari,ans: 20,000 Emails with full contact data
- Den.tists and Dent.al Specialis.ts: 57,000 Emails with full contact data
- Healthc,are businesses : 230,000 Emails in 365 Medical Business Specialties

Busines-s Related

- USA Lawye,rs - 142,000 Emails with fields like practice area and year graduated
- Busines,s: 4,000,000 Emails in thousands of different SIC codes.

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