[Brmlab] Home automation - Z-wave vs ZigBee

Vitezslav.Zak vitezslav.zak at mindstore.cz
Mon Mar 17 23:39:44 CET 2014

Dne 17.3.2014 22:54, Ondrej Mikle napsal(a):
> On 03/17/2014 11:28 AM, Rado1 wrote:
>> Hi guys.
>> Does anybody tried some of these protocols for home automation?
>> I have read a lot of comparisons and don't know what way to go.
>> I'm not good in HW development therefore I will not build my own devices.
>> My plans are build existing devices, control them through some USB controller
>> connected to my Linux home server.
> We've bought few zigbee boards, they should have fairly large range. I don't
> know about the Z-wave protocol.
> The zigbee boards' main problem was that they required some proprietary windows
> utility to program them, which acutally does it via UART, so it's fairly simple
> to sniff the commands. They may be already (unofficially) documented somewhere.
> Second problem was that the ones we got a fairly high failure rate (I think 2-3
> out of 5 simply refused to be programmed). Not sure if it was just bad luck.
> Maybe I could find them somewhere and bring it to brm for testing.

Some vendors sell devices with a proprietary sw layer on top of zigbee. 
Such devices might not work with others.

Z-wave products *should* work flawlessly as any product marked as z-wave 
compatible has to be certified by z-wave alliance.  There is a shield 
board for raspi, called RaZberry, this is what I'm planning to start with.


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